Ai Squared is proud to present our online webinar training series. These are free training sessions that typically last up to an hour in length. These webinars are a good way to learn about new products from Ai Squared, brush up on your Window-Eyes skills, as well as to learn how Window-Eyes works with various applications.

If you are brand new to Window-Eyes, we recommend that you start with the Window-Eyes tutorial that is also on your Window-Eyes CD. You should also consider taking one of our Window-Eyes training courses. Click here for more information about Window-Eyes training.

Our online training series provides study guide worksheets (when applicable) for each webinar, which are useful for a classroom setting. If you are a teacher that is just learning the basics, you may want to check out the Teacher's webpage for quick and easy tools that will help you get up to speed with the very basics of Window-Eyes quickly.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran, or a beginner to Window-Eyes, our hope is that this online training series will enhance your technology skillset and provide you with the tools that will enable you to be more successful and productive.

Upcoming Webinars

Please check back soon for information about the next Window-Eyes webinar.

Attending a Webinar Training

The Ai Squared webinar trainings normally take place once a month at 2 P.M. Eastern time (19:00 UTC or 18:00 UTC during DST). Ai Squared reserves the right to adjust the webinar schedule as needed. Please note that Daylight Saving Time may begin on different dates for the United States than in other countries. The UTC time is in regards to DST as it occurs in the U.S.

You do not need to register for the webinars. Simply go to, make sure you have the Talking Communities plugin downloaded, and when prompted for your username and password, simply enter your first and last name as your username. No password is needed. There is a limit to the amount of people that the room will hold, so space is given on a first-come, first-served basis. If you need help accessing the online conference room, please call Talking Communities support at (262) 456-5911. You may also wish to review Knowledge Base Article 2056 for tips on using the Talking Communities conference room.

Links to the archived webinar recordings and worksheets can be found below. If you have specific questions regarding the online training series or suggestions for future webinars, please contact Ai Squared via email at

2015 Webinar Archive Using Window-Eyes and the new Web Application Mode - October 22, 2015

Strategies for Navigating and Interacting with Complex Web Pages Using Window-Eyes: Part 3 - July 30, 2015

Strategies for Navigating and Interacting with Complex Web Pages Using Window-Eyes: Part 2 - June 18, 2015

Strategies for Navigating and Interacting with Complex Web Pages Using Window-Eyes: Part 1 - May 28, 2015

Explore the New Features of Window-Eyes 9 - March 12, 2015

2014 Webinar Archive

Using Skype for Windows Desktop with Window-Eyes - August 14, 2014

Working with Outlook 2013 and Window-Eyes: Part 2 - July 10, 2014

Working with Word 2013 and Window-Eyes: Part 2 - May 16, 2014

Working with Outlook 2013 and Window-Eyes: Part 1 - April 11, 2014

Working with Word 2013 and Window-Eyes: Part 1 - February 26, 2014

New to Window-Eyes: Transitioning from Another Screen Reader - January 22, 2014

GW Micro conducted two introductory trainings and gave users new to Window-Eyes an open forum to ask questions and get answers about how to make the switch from another screen reader.

Window-Eyes Offer for Users of Microsoft Office Town Hall Meetings - January 17, 2014

GW Micro hosted two separate town hall meetings to give customers an open forum to ask questions and get answers about the Window-Eyes offer for users of Microsoft Office.

2013 Webinar Archive

iTunes 11 and Window-Eyes: Part 2 - November 27, 2013

iTunes 11 and Window-Eyes: Part 1 - October 31, 2013

Accessing Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive with Window-Eyes - September 11, 2013

GWSocialEyes Introduction - July 24, 2013

Accessing BARD with Window-Eyes - May 15, 2013

Window-Eyes Remote Assistance - April 10, 2013

Accessing Windows 8 with Window-Eyes: Part 2 - March 13, 2013

Accessing Windows 8 with Window-Eyes - February 19, 2013

Window-Eyes 8: New Features - January 16, 2013

2012 Webinar Archive

Web Browsing with Window-Eyes: Advanced Skills - November 14, 2012

Web Browsing with Window-Eyes: Essential Skills - October 10, 2012

ReadIt Wand Tips and Tricks for Fast and Accurate OCR - September 12, 2012

Windows Live Mail with Window-Eyes - August 8, 2012

Pronunciation Dictionaries - June 13, 2012

Webinar update: During the training, several attendees requested a more detailed explanation of the options presented in the Graphic Dictionary combo box found in the Status settings under the Dictionaries node of the Window-Eyes control panel. Here is a detailed breakdown of each option.

There are four different Graphic Dictionary options or settings that you can apply to control how Window-Eyes speaks graphics. The Grapic Dictionary combo box options will be applied when reading the screen by line with the mouse.

  • Off - Window-Eyes will ignore all graphics and will not speak graphics even if they have a graphic label defined in one of the graphic dictionaries.
  • Dictionary Only - Window-Eyes will only speak graphics that have a label defined in one of the graphic dictionaries. All other graphics will be ignored and not spoken by Window-Eyes.
  • On - Window-Eyes will speak both labeled graphics as well as unlabeled graphics.
  • Graphic Only - Window-Eyes will speak all graphics but will ignore all defined graphic labels and instead only announce "graphic".

How to use AppGet and other Window-Eyes Apps - May 9, 2012

How to use the Window-Eyes Outlook Calendar - April 11, 2012

Downloading files with Internet Explorer 9 and the Notification Bar - March 14, 2012

Remote Assistance with Window-Eyes - February 1, 2012

How to use the Outlook Enhance Window-Eyes app - January 11, 2012

2011 Webinar Archive

Social networking and Window-Eyes - December 14, 2011

How do I Read Those Pesky PowerPoint Presentations? - November 9, 2011

How do I use Thunderbird to Read My Email? - October 19, 2011

How Do I Use the Mouse to Read the Screen? - September 14, 2011

How Do I Setup Monitor Cells and Get My Headers to Read in Excel? - August 10, 2011

How Do I Read a Document in Microsoft Word? - July 13, 2011

Accessing iTunes with Window-Eyes - June 8, 2011

What Is a Window-Eyes App? - May 11, 2011

Reading a PDF File with Window-Eyes - April 13, 2011

Using the Internet with Window-Eyes Basics - March 9, 2011

What's New in Window-Eyes 7.5? - February 9, 2011

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