GWKB2064 : Using the F8 Text Selection Method when in Browse Mode

Product: Window-Eyes
Author: Chris Grabowski
Date Added: 06/23/2015
Last Modified: 06/23/2015

Window-eyes version 9.0 has introduced a different way of selecting text when in browse mode.

Use the following steps for selecting text.

  1. When on the internet move the browse mode pointer to where you wish to start selecting text.
  2. Press F8 to mark the starting point.
  3. Without holding the Shift Key down move to where you want the selection to end.
  4. Press F8 a second time.  A dialog box comes up with four buttons, Copy (plain text,) Copy (with formatting,) reset selection start and cancel.  Note: if you are using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Mozilla Thunderbird the copy (with formatting) button is not available
  5. Tab to the button you would like and press enter.  The text is marked and copied to the clipboard. 
  6. Switch to the application you want to paste the text and press Control-V to paste.

The copy (with formatting) button will copy the formatting of the text including any images.  You can paste the formatted text into Microsoft Word or another word processor that supports formatted text.

Below you will find a link to an audio demonstration showing this copy method in action: