GWKB2062 : How To Update Window-Eyes Apps Manually

Product: Window-Eyes
Author: Aaron Smith
Date Added: 01/16/2015
Last Modified: 01/16/2015

To manually update Window-Eyes Apps, do the following:

  1. Press Control-Backslash to open the Window-Eyes control panel.
  2. Press Alt-A to open the Apps menu. 
  3. Press Enter on App Management.
  4. Press D to open the Add or Remove Apps dialog.
  5. Tab to the Check for Updates button, or press Alt-U to active the check for updates.
  6. If updates are available, tab to the Update All button and press enter, or press Alt-A to begin the update process.

When the app update is complete, select the close button to close the App Updates dialog. You may then close the Add or Remove Apps dialog to return to the Window-Eyes Control Panel.