GWKB2061 : Using Becky Internet Email with Window-eyes

Product: Window-Eyes
Author: Chris Grabowski
Date Added: 12/15/2014
Last Modified: 12/15/2014

Making Becky Internet Email accessible with Window-eyes.
You can download the latest version of Becky from

After creating your email account with Becky, follow these steps to make Becky Internet email accessible.

1.  From the tools menu select “General Setup”
2.  Press control-tab 3 times, you will reach  the message view tab.
3. Uncheck the option “Operate 4way button by the cursor key.”  If this option is checked you will not be able to scroll through messages with your arrow keys.
4. Next, press control-tab one time to move to the “editor” tab.  Then press tab to move to the “use line pointer” checkbox and uncheck it.  If this item is left checked your screen reader might truncate the first character of each line.  This is a test would read his is a test.
Those are the required settings.  Here are some other things you might want to change.
1.  To have the CC and BCC fields in the tab order when writing a new message, press control-N to write a new message, then press control-down arrow twice.  The first time exposes the CC field and the second time exposes the BCC field.  This will only need to be done one time.  After that Becky remembers.  If you want to remove the BCC field, just press control-up arrow.
2. When replying to an email, most times you might like the original message quoted.  From the Tools menu, select the General setup menu item.  Press control-tab to move to the citation tab.  Press TAB until you reach the “Use template for replying” Checkbox and check it.