GWKB2060 : GData Total Security or GData Internet Security Configuration for Use With Window-eyes

Product: Window-Eyes
Author: Chris Grabowski
Date Added: 09/18/2014
Last Modified: 09/18/2014

Browse mode seems to work but I am unable to use hot keys such as H or SHIFT-H to navigate by heading in Internet Explorer or Firefox.


The issue seems to be caused by a Key logger feature in GData Internet Security or GData Total Security.  These are Antispyware, Virus and Malware Protection products from


The solution is to disable the keylogging protection feature.  After making the change the browse mode hot keys will function like before. 

To make the necessary change follow the below steps:

1.        Press Windows-D to move focus to the desktop.

2.       Press G until you focus GData Total Security or GData Internet Security.

3.       Press ENTER.

4.       Tab to the "Web Protection" button and press enter, alternatively press ALT-W.

5.       Press TAB or SHIFT-TAB until you move to the  "more settings" button and press ENTER, alternatively press ALT-E.

6.       Press TAB  to move to the "Key logger" protection check box and press space to uncheck it, alternatively, press ALT-K to move to and toggle the state of the check box.

7.       Finally, TAB to the "ok" button and press enter.