GWKB2023 : Window-Eyes and Blackboard

Product: Window-Eyes
Author: Jeremy Curry
Date Added: 10/29/2012
Last Modified: 10/29/2012

Question: What is Blackboard?

Answer: Blackboard has become a common name among institutions of higher learning.  Blackboard is a software tool that allows students to access content online that is uploaded by professors and teachers.  It is web-based enabling it to work across multiple platforms.  Blackboard has several product lines, but the product that appears to be the most common is Blackboard Learn.  We will refer to Blackboard Learn as Blackboard in the remainder of this Knowledge Base article.

Question: Does Window-Eyes work with Blackboard?

Answer: Absolutely. Since Blackboard is completely web-based, Window-Eyes is able to easily access the content.  Quick navigation keys used on standard web pages as well as the Page Navigation dialog to list links and other elements will work on Blackboard in addition to any Window-Eyes features that work with supported web browsers.

Question: Are there tutorials covering different topics with Window-Eyes and Blackboard?

Answer:  GW Micro is currently working on several tutorials regarding performing specific Blackboard tasks with Window-Eyes.  However, since Blackboard works just like any other webpage, it is recommended that Window-Eyes users utilize the various resources available at  Using the resources regarding navigating the web should provide enough information to get started using Blackboard.  There is not currently an ETA on the completion of the tutorials being created.

Question: Does GW Micro have a relationship with the Blackboard company?

Answer: Yes, GW Micro and Blackboard do have a relationship that enables GW Micro to test various features of Blackboard with Window-Eyes.