GWKB2022 : How to Unmute Your Sound with Window-Eyes

Product: Window-Eyes
Author: Jeremy Curry
Date Added: 10/26/2012
Last Modified: 03/03/2014

Starting in Window-Eyes 8.0 Beta 1, you have the ability to unmute your sound.  This can be done in two ways:

1.  Window-Eyes can unmute your sound automatically when it launches
2.  You can use a hotkey to unmute your sound

The first option is very simple. If Window-Eyes detects that your sound has been muted, it will unmute the sound when Window-Eyes starts.

Additionally, if your sound has been turned all the way down to zero, Window-Eyes will turn the sound to 50% when it launches.  This will ensure that you will always have sound when you start Window-Eyes.

The second option can be used when Window-Eyes is running.  If the sound has been muted while Window-Eyes is running, press Windows-Control-M to unmute the sound.

NOTE: If you have a volume control on your hardware speaker, Window-Eyes cannot control your hardware. It can only control software volume controls.