GWKB2020 : Removing Toolbars in Internet Explorer

Product: Window-Eyes
Author: Jeremy Curry
Date Added: 10/24/2012
Last Modified: 10/26/2012


If you are using Internet Explorer (IE) and have seen from time to time you are having focus issues or browse mode is not available until you Alt-Tab away you may be experiencing issues caused by toolbars.  Many times, IE toolbars get installed without the user's knowledge or approval and they cause all sorts of focus issues.  This means the toolbars change where focus goes so instead of going to the document content they go somewhere else causing Window-Eyes to think that focus isn't on the web page and thereby doesn't allow Browse Mode.


In Internet Explorer, perform the following steps:

1) Press Alt-V to open the View menu
2) Press T to open the Toolbars pulldown
3) Use the Up and Down Arrows to navigate through the list.  This will show you all the toolbars you have installed.  If an item is checked, then it is active.  

Please uncheck all items except for the last item which is "Lock the
toolbars."   The lock option can remain on.   

Note: Every time you press Enter on an option, it will toggle between checked and unchecked and you will be taken out of the menu. You will need to perform steps 1 and 2 again to get back in to the menu to uncheck other options if necessary.  It is okay if the Menu bar, Favorites bar, Command bar, and Status bar remain checked.  You may also be asked whether you or not you are certain if you want to disable the toolbar as well as other toolbars.  You should confirm this dialog.

Restart IE for the changes to take effect.