GWKB2016 : Links Not Accessible in HTML Emails

Product: Window-Eyes
Author: Aaron Smith
Date Added: 07/03/2012
Last Modified: 07/03/2012

Symptom: When reading HTML emails in Outlook Express, Windows Mail, or Windows Live Mail (other mail clients may also be affected), links to external content are not accessible with the tab key.

Cause: Security settings in your mail client are blocking external content, which causes the links to be missing when the HTML content is rendered.

Solution: Disable the blocking of external content. The following steps are for Windows Live Mail. Refer to your mail client's documentation for additional assistance.

  1. Press Alt, F, O, S to open the Safety Options dialog.
  2. Press Shift-Tab to focus the tab control.
  3. Press the Right Arrow until you select the Security tab.
  4. Press Tab until you focus the check box labeled, "Block images and other external content in HTML email."
  5. Press Space to un-check the option. 
  6. Press Enter to close the dialog.

You will now be able to tab through the links in HTML email messages.

NOTE: Disabling this option does reduce security settings for emails containing external content. Be sure that you are using modern, up to date anti-virus software that is able to account for this reduction in security in order to minimize potential infections.