GWKB2009 : How to Access the Thesaurus in Microsoft Word 2010

Product: Window-Eyes
Author: Jeremy Curry
Date Added: 03/09/2012
Last Modified: 03/09/2012

There may be times when you need to access the Thesaurus in Microsoft Word 2010.  It is important to know that there is a Microsoft bug in Word 2010 that makes this a bit cumbersome, but there are ways to work around it.

There are two methods to access the Thesaurus:

Method 1:

1. When your cursor is in the word you want to look up, press the Context menu key or Shift-F10.

2. Down Arrow until you hear Synonyms.

3. Press Enter.

4. Down Arrow through the Synonyms.

5. If you find one you like, press Enter on it and it will replace your word with the new word.

NOTE: This method will not provide you with as many synonyms as in method 2.

Method 2:

1. Place your cursor within the word you want to look up and press Shift-F7. This brings up a pane that displays vertically along the right hand side of the screen.  If Microsoft had implemented the Thesaurus properly, you would be able to press F6 to access the pane, and it would read perfectly.  But, it will not read correctly because Microsoft currently has a bug causing the Thesaurus not to read properly.  So, this method will show you how to work around the bug.

2. When the pane appears, there is an edit box called Search For. Press Control-Shift-F to open the Find dialog so you can use the mouse to find this information.

3. Type "search for".

4. Press Enter.

5. You should hear "found search for."  Now, you can begin to read the Thesaurus pane by pressing Numberpad 2, which will move your mouse pointer down the pane.

6. When you find a word you would like to use, press Numberpad Star, which will right-click on the word and bring up a context menu.

7. Now, Down Arrow to Insert and press Enter.

8. Focus will be back in your document. Press F6 to move to the Thesaurus pane and press Control-Alt-Space to bring up the menu for the pane.

9. Down Arrow to close and press Enter. This closes the pane, and you will be back in your document. If you find you do not hear anything after closing the pane, Alt-Tab away from Word and Alt-Tab back.  The word should be inserted, the Thesaurus pane should be closed, and you can continue working with your document.