GWKB1128 : Converting Older Set Files So They Can Be Used In The Current Version Of Window-Eyes

Product: Window-Eyes
Author: Raul Gallegos
Date Added: 06/16/2011
Last Modified: 06/16/2011

Symptom: The current version of Window-Eyes is not recognizing set files which were created using an older version.

Cause: Set files which were created with a specific version of Window-Eyes are not compatible with newer versions if the set file format changes. For example, the set file format drastically changed from Window-Eyes version 7.2 to 7.5.


The following information applies to Window-Eyes version 7.5 or newer. While the majority of the information is true for older versions, the steps used to accomplish certain things will be different due to the older user interface in versions prior to version 7.5.

To convert the set files to the current version of Window-Eyes, do the following:

  1. Open the User Profile folder. This can be done by pressing Alt-F, E from the Window-Eyes control panel or from the run dialog, (Windows-R), by typing "%appdata%\GW Micro\Window-Eyes\Users\Default".
  2. Copy your older set files into this folder. Please note that set files also include the .we association files and any dictionary files. Older set files usually have an extension of .000, .001, .002, ETC.
  3. Once the set files have been copied into the user profile folder, press Alt-F, U from the Window-Eyes control panel to update the outdated settings.
  4. Window-Eyes will convert the older set files to the current format and will also update the .we association file to point to the new set file name. Version 7.5 and newer use the .set extension for all set files.
  5. Once the set files have been converted, press Alt-F4 to close the set file update window.

Window-Eyes will now see the set files you converted.