GWKB1126 : Block Audio Ads and Popups on SendSpace and similar Websites with Internet Explorer

Product: Window-Eyes
Author: Rick Alfaro
Date Added: 04/14/2011
Last Modified: 04/14/2011

Have you ever had the need to download a file from sites such as only to be greeted by one or more nasty popup ads? These ads can be extremely intrusive by playing loud audio which causes havoc for speech users. Not only do these commercials drown out whatever speech synthesizer you happen to be using, but they can also open up multiple windows causing unnecessary confusion and making the site nearly impossible to navigate.

You can get around this by placing the offending site in the list of restricted zones in Internet Explorer. I read about this little trick on the net, probably on an email list, so I in no way take credit for the idea. I am simply passing it along. Here's what to do using SendSpace as an example.

  1. From within Internet Explorer, press Alt-T, O to bring up the options multi-page dialog.
  2. Focus will be on the edit box for specifying a home page. That isn't what we want, so hit Shift-Tab to place focus on the tab controls.
  3. Right arrow once to the Security tab.
  4. Tab once. This will place you on the zone tab control with focus on "Internet".
  5. Hit right arrow 3 times. This will place focus on the "Restricted Sites" tab.
  6. Tab once to the "Sites" button, and press Space or Enter to bring up the Sites dialog. There are some other options in this dialog, but I just use the defaults so no changes need to be made.
  7. Focus will be on the add button, so press Space or Enter.
  8. Focus will now be in an edit box where you can type in the full address of the site, which in this case, is
  9. Tab to the add button, and press Space or Enter.
  10. Now, if you tab again, you will be in a list where your newly added web site will be displayed.
  11. Tab to close, and press Enter.
  12. Finally, close the options dialog.
SendSpace is now in your restricted zone, and those nasty popups won't ever bother you again on that site.

Note: If you ever want to remove a site from the restricted zone, you can do so in the same dialog where you added it. Also, this procedure seems to be the same for IE versions 7, 8, and 9, don't know about 6.