GWKB1116 : Twitter: How to Sign Up, Become a GW Micro Follower, and Retweet Using Window-Eyes

Product: Window-Eyes
Author: Jeremy Curry
Date Added: 03/16/2010
Last Modified: 03/16/2010

The following steps will walk you through signing up for Twitter, guide you through the process of becoming a follower of GW Micro on Twitter, and retweeting messages from GW Micro on by using Window-Eyes. While there are other accessible websites to use Twitter, such as, these steps all use the standard Twitter website found at It is important to note that these steps were written using Internet Explorer. You may experience differences if using another web browser, such as Firefox.

Sign-up for Twitter:

A Twitter account is free, and in order to use Twitter, you must first have a Twitter account.  To create your account, perform the following steps:

1. Open Internet Explorer.
2. Go to
3. Press INS-TAB.
4. Press S until you get to the Sign-up Now link.
5. Press ENTER on the Sign-up Now link.
6. You are taken to a form to fill out. Twitter will automatically take you to the Full Name edit box. Press ENTER to turn off Browse Mode.
7. Type in your name.
8. Press TAB.
9. Type in a username. This can be any username you want. (Note that if someone else already uses this username, then you will have to create a different username.)
10. Press TAB.
11. Type a password.
12. Press TAB.
13. Type your email address. This must be a valid email address.
14. Press TAB.
15. You are taken to a checkbox regarding email updates. Press SPACE to check or uncheck this box.
16. TAB again, and you will be taken to the Create My Account button. You may either press ENTER on this button or TAB several more times, and you will eventually get to a checkbox that says, "Let others find me by my email address." It is checked by default, so if you want to uncheck this checkbox, you must do it before you press ENTER on Create My Account.
17. After you press ENTER on the Create My Account button, a captcha will appear, and you will hear, "Browse off. Type the words above." Press CTRL-SHIFT-A to turn Browse Mode back on.
18. Press L until you hear, "Hear a set of words."
19. Press ENTER.
20. An audio file will begin playing. Press ENTER to turn off Browse Mode, since you are on the edit box. Type the words you hear.
21. Press CTRL-SHIFT-A to turn Browse Mode back on.
22. Make sure you are at the top by pressing CTRL-HOME
23. Press N followed by B to get to the next button.
24. Again, press N followed by B to get to the next button.
25. Press ENTER on the Finish button.
26. You will be presented with a dialog that asks if you only want to view web content that was delivered securely. Press Y for yes.
27. Congratulations! You are now signed up for Twitter, and you are logged in.
28. You will receive an email from Twitter with a link for account confirmation. You should go to the link, which will serve to confirm your account and activate all functionality in your account.

How to follow GW Micro:

Once you have signed up for a Twitter account, you may start following others on Twitter. Becoming a follower of others will automatically send you status updates to your Twitter homepage. These status updates are called tweets. This allows you to easily keep in touch with those you are following.

1. Go to
2. Press N followed by B to get to the next button until you get to the Follow GW Micro button.
3. Press ENTER.
4. You are now a follower of GW Micro.

How to retweet a message:

There may be times when a tweet by someone you are following is so important that you want to tweet the message to your followers. For example, when GW Micro has a contest, you may want to tweet that message to all of your followers, so that they can also join in the contest. When you tweet a message from someone you are following to all of your followers, this is called a retweet.

A list of all tweets from GW Micro will be available, including the most recent tweet. You may retweet any tweet from GW Micro; even if it is not the most current tweet. At the time this article was written, the following is the most current tweet:

"'Window-Eyes makes scripts easy. Download scripts at Become a follower, retweet this message and win!'

about 20 hours ago via TweetDeck"

1. You can get to the most current tweet by pressing X. Prior to the first tweet, you will hear, "following" which indicates you are following this person.
2. Then, press the DOWN ARROW to hear the tweet.
3. Eventually, you will hear the time when the tweet was posted, which is presented in a link. In this case, it was posted "about 20 hours ago."
4. Press ENTER on this link.
5. Once the new page loads, press INS-TAB.
6. Press R until you get to the Retweet link.
7. Press ENTER.
8. A button will appear asking if you want to retweet to all of your followers. To retweet, you must activate this button. Press N followed by B until you hear, "Yes button."
9. Press ENTER.
10. You have successfully retweeted this message.