GWKB1112 : Startup Order Warning when Running ZoomText and Window-Eyes

Product: Window-Eyes
Author: Aaron Smith
Date Added: 10/22/2009
Last Modified: 10/22/2009

Symptom: Under Windows Vista, or Windows 7, using a version of ZoomText prior to 9.18.5, and a version of Window-Eyes prior to 7.11, when running ZoomText after Window-Eyes is already running, you receive a message stating that ZoomText needs to be started prior to running a screen reader.

Cause: Compatibility issues between versions of Window-Eyes and ZoomText prior to those mentioned above cause ZoomText to display a warning about the startup order of the applications.

Solution: If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, contact GW Micro (260-489-3671, for information on obtaining the latest version of Window-Eyes, and ai squared for information on obtaining the latest version of ZoomText. If you are using a version of Windows prior to Windows Vista, you will need to load ZoomText prior to Window-Eyes.