GWKB1099 : Changing Spacing and Styles in Word 2007

Product: Window-Eyes
Author: Jeremy Curry
Date Added: 11/03/2008
Last Modified: 11/03/2008

While sighted people have the ability to see blank lines that now exist in the new styles that Word 2007 incorporates, blind consumers cannot access them.  The following information is given to provide you with a method to change the style and eliminate these blank lines.

Word 2007 incorporates different styles and spacing than Word 2003.  The first part of the style that is different is the spacing between lines.  While Word 2003 was set to single spacing, Word 2007 sets the default to a spacing of 1.15.  This can easily be changed by pressing CTRL-1 to change the document to single-space when opening a new document.

Another difference between Word 2003 and 2007 is that Word 2007 automatically puts a blank line between each paragraph.  While the blank line appears visually, the cursor never lands on the line, so you will not hear Window-Eyes say, blank.   This may be turned off for each document by performing the following steps:

1.    Press ALT-H to access the Home tab
2.    Press K to open the Line Spacing button
3.    Press the UP or DOWN ARROW until you hear, Remove Space After Paragraph
4.    Press ENTER

If you perform these steps before typing in a new blank document, all spacing will now be single-spaced with no spaces after any paragraphs.

While the above steps will affect a new document, there is a way to make these items the default so that you do not have to change them.  Word 2007 allows you to keep the same styles that Word 2003 had.  You can set these styles by doing the following:

1.    Press ALT-H to open the Home tab
2.    Press G to open the Change Styles button
3.    Press ENTER on Style Set
4.    Press the UP or DOWN ARROW until you hear Word 2003
5.    Press ENTER

This will set the styles within the document to those that were used in 2003, including all spacing between paragraphs.  If you want this to be the default style whenever you open Word 2007, do the following:

1.    Press Alt-H to open the Home tab
2.    Press G to open the Change Styles button
3.    Press the U or DOWN ARROW until you hear Set as Default
4.    Press ENTER

Now, each time you open a new document, Word 2007 will use the spacing and styles used in Word 2003.