GWKB1082 : Display Driver Error After Installing Window-Eyes Under Windows Vista

Product: Window-Eyes
Author: Raul Gallegos
Date Added: 09/13/2007
Last Modified: 09/13/2007

Applies to: Window-Eyes version 6.1 or greater. Windows Vista, (Any 32-bit version.)

Symptom: Window-Eyes gives the following error after installing on Windows Vista.
"Window-Eyes cannot communicate with the Window-Eyes Display Driver Component.
It may be disabled in Device Manager or it may not be installed correctly. Please
enable or reinstall it and try again. Press enter to continue."

Cause: The "Setup" program which installs Window-Eyes was run in compatibility mode. This means that DCM video support was used instead of the required mirror video drivers for the installation. It is important to note that when Windows Vista flags a program to be run in compatibility mode, any program of the same name and location will also run this way. If the path of the Window-Eyes "Setup" program is located at: "d:\Setup.exe," this means that any "Setup.exe" program located here will also run in compatibility mode regardless of whether it is the setup for Window-Eyes or not.

Solution: The compatibility flag of the "Setup" program must be removed and Window-Eyes must be reinstalled.

Steps: The following steps will give instructions on first removing Window-Eyes, then removing the compatibility flag of the "Setup.exe" program. These steps can be done with or without using Narrator. To launch Narrator at any point, press Windows-U, followed by Alt-N. Note that in some cases you may be prompted to continue from the UAC window.

  1. First we need to remove Window-Eyes. To do this: place the Window-Eyes CD in the drive and run the "Setup" program.
  2. When the "Setup" menu launches, press "A" to choose "Advanced Options."
  3. Press "E" to launch the Window-Eyes Emergency Removal program.
  4. Press "Y" to confirm and tell the program that you are sure.
  5. Wait a few moments while Window-Eyes is removed. You will be prompted to restart your machine when the program finishes. Press enter to do so.
  6. Now we need to remove the compatibility flag of the "Setup.exe" program. After the machine has been restarted, browse the Window-Eyes CD and locate the setup.exe program in the root of the CD.
  7. Press Alt-Enter to open the properties of the setup program.
  8. Press control-tab to focus the "Compatibility" tab control.
  9. Make sure that the check box labeled, "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" is unchecked.
  10. Tab 7 times and press "Space," or click the button, "Show settings for all users."
  11. A window will open with a similar dialog as in step 9. Make sure this check box is also unchecked.
  12. Tab to the "OK" button and press "Enter" or click on it.
  13. You will be taken back to the original "Properties/Compatibility" dialog, Tab to the "OK" button and press "Enter" on it or click it.
  14. The "Properties" window will close and you will be back in the folder showing the setup file.
  15. Now the compatibility flag for any "Setup.exe" located in this same path has been removed, and you can now install Window-Eyes normally.