GWKB1081 : Window-Eyes 6.1 Patch for Miscellaneous Issues

Product: Window-Eyes
Author: Aaron Smith
Date Added: 08/21/2007
Last Modified: 08/27/2007

Symptom: Three possible symptoms could exist:

  • After installing Window-Eyes 6.1 with the DECtalk Access 32 (Window-Eyes) set as the active synthesizer, Window-Eyes launches, but is silent.
  • After installing Window-Eyes 6.1 with the Google Desktop also installed, Internet Explorer would not launch, even when Window-Eyes was closed.
  • After installing Window-Eyes 6.1, critical registry keys needed for Window-Eyes functionality were unavailable.

Cause: For information regarding the DECtalk Access 32 issue, refer to KB1069. The Google Desktop compatibility issue and missing registry entries issue were bugs in Window-Eyes.

Solution: To resolve all of the problems mentioned above, regardless of operating system (assuming Windows 2000 or greater) select the download link below. NOTE: If you are not experiencing any of the above issues, you do not need to install this patch. No new functionality exists in this patch, only resolutions to the aforementioned problems.

To install the Window-Eyes 6.1 patch, do the following:

  1. Download the Window-Eyes 6.1 patch
  2. Once downloaded, run the Window-Eyes 6.1 patch file (we61patch.exe), and follow the prompts