GWKB1077 : Disabling the Graphical Interface in NOD32

Product: Window-Eyes
Author: Aaron Smith
Date Added: 07/25/2007
Last Modified: 04/27/2009

Please note that this article only applies to the older version 2.7 of Eset NOD32 anti-virus. It does not apply to newer versions and it does not apply to the Eset Security Suite.

During the custom installation of NOD32 version 2.7, a popular (and GW Micro recommended) anti-virus application, you have the option of turning off the graphical interface. If the graphical interface is not disabled, navigating the NOD32 control panel is a difficult process.

To disable the NOD32 graphical interface, you can either uninstall NOD32, and re-install making sure to uncheck the graphical interface check box during the custom install, or you can follow these steps assuming NOD32 is already installed:

  1. Access the NOD32 control panel by selecting the NOD32 icon in the system tray (you can access the system tray with WINDOWS-B).
  2. Once in the NOD32 control panel tree view, press END to focus the last item. If you hear NOD32 System Tools, press the RIGHT ARROW to expand that option, then press END again. Your goal is to select the option titled, "NOD32 System Setup."
  3. Once NOD32 System Setup is selected, press CTRL-TAB to focus the Settings panel.
  4. Press ALT-S to open the Setup dialog.
  5. Focus will already be on the check box that you're interested in, titled, "Use ESET custom graphical user interface." If this check box is checked (which it will be if you are in graphical mode), press SPACE BAR to uncheck it.
  6. Press ENTER. At this point, the NOD32 graphical interface will be disabled. Press CTRL-TAB to focus the control panel treeview, then ALT-D to hide the NOD32 control panel back in the system tray.