GWKB1062 : Small-Talk Battery Does Not Hold Charge

Product: Window-Eyes
Author: Aaron Smith
Date Added: 03/16/2007
Last Modified: 07/26/2007

Symptom: The Small-Talk Ultra battery does not hold a charge, will not charge at all, or does not charge properly.

Cause: The Small-Talk Ultra battery, or AC Adapter, needs to be reset.

Solution: To reset your Small-Talk Ultra battery, or AC Adapter, do the following:

Reset the battery

  1. Disconnect the battery from your Small-Talk Ultra.
  2. Press and hold down on the battery LED indicator button on the back of the battery for 30 seconds (do not release the button).
  3. Release the button.
  4. Press down on the button on the battery for an additional 30 seconds.
  5. Release the button. This will reset the battery.

Reset the AC adapter

  1. Unplug the AC adapter from your Small-Talk Ultra and the wall outlet.
  2. Leave the adapter disconnected for two minutes. It is important to wait because this will reset the AC adapter if it has gone into a power protection mode.
  3. Plug the AC adapter back into the Small-Talk Ultra.
  4. Plug the AC adapter into a different wall outlet. Plug the Small-Talk Ultra directly into the wall outlet and not into a surge protector, docking cable, or docking station.

Boot your Small-Talk Ultra without the battery

  1. Remove the battery from your Small-Talk Ultra.
  2. Connect the AC power adapter to your Small-Talk Ultra and plug the adapter directly into a wall outlet (do not plug it into a surge protector).
  3. Turn on your Small-Talk Ultra.
  4. Let your Small-Talk Ultra boot all the way into Windows and then re-connect the battery. Charge the battery overnight. When the battery is done charging remove the AC adaptor from the Small-Talk Ultra and try to operate using battery power only.

Let the battery charge for 24 hours

It can take several charging cycles for the battery to start charging, particularly if the battery is completely drained and has no charge. Attach the battery and wait twenty-four hours with the Small-Talk Ultra plugged in. After twenty-four hours, check to see if the battery is now charged.