GWKB1060 : Uninstalling Window-Eyes Manually

Product: Window-Eyes
Author: Aaron Smith
Date Added: 03/06/2007
Last Modified: 03/17/2011

If you encounter problems when attempting to remove Window-Eyes from your PC through the standard software removal process, you will need to remove Window-Eyes using the Window-Eyes Emergency Removal utility. To launch the Emergency Removal Utility, insert the Window-Eyes CD and allow the setup program to run. From the Welcome dialog press "A" for Advanced Setup Options, then "E" to launch the Emergency Removal Utility.

Alternatively, you can download the Window-Eyes Emergency Removal utility from the following link:

Window-Eyes Emergency Removal Utility

After launching the Window-Eyes Emergency Removal utility (regardless of whether the utility was downloaded, or run from the Window-Eyes CD), you will receive a warning asking you if you wish to continue with the emergency removal. After selecting "Yes," all Window-Eyes files and registry entries will be removed automatically. This includes any personalized settings, set files, and Window-Eyes apps. Once prompted to restart, press ENTER, and your machine will reboot.

After rebooting, all Window-Eyes files will be completely removed from your system. You can then re-install Window-Eyes from the CD.