GWKB1055 : Window-Eyes Speaks "Go To" Continuously in Microsoft Word

Product: Window-Eyes
Author: Lou Novath
Date Added: 12/21/2006
Last Modified: 12/21/2006

Symptom: While working in Microsoft Word, Window-Eyes continually speaks the phrase “Go to” or “Go to, Control G.”

Cause: By default, Microsoft Word has been configured to open a tool tip if the mouse pointer is hovered over an option in the menu bar at the top of the window, a graphic contained in the tool bar just below the menu bar, or a graphic contained in the status bar, which extends along the bottom of the window. When the mouse pointer is positioned at the bottom right corner of the active window, the mouse pointer is resting on the Go To icon. The tool tip appears, and Window-Eyes reports the new information to the user. This is by design.

Solution: Method one:  Position the mouse pointer away from the menu bar, the tool bar(s), and the status bar.  A sighted user who shares the computer with a Window-eyes user may rely upon those tool tips as a quick reminder.  The Window-Eyes mouse top right hot key, num pad 9, should place the mouse pointer on a blank area of the window.

Method two:  Reconfigure Microsoft Word to not show tool tips on tool bars.

  • In a blank Microsoft Word edit window, press Alt-T for tools, C for customize.  The customize property sheet opens.
  • Shift Tab to the tab controls and right or left arrow to the Options tab control.
  • Press Alt-T.  Focus jumps to the Show Screen Tips on Tool Bars check box and also unchecks the box.
  • Tab to the Close button and press Enter.
GW Micro thanks Lou Novath for supplying this knowledgebase article.