GWKB1054 : Adding New Appointments to Non-Default Outlook Calendar

Product: Window-Eyes
Author: Aaron Smith
Date Added: 12/07/2006
Last Modified: 12/07/2006

Did you know that adding appointments to calendars other than the default in Outlook can be accomplished with a few simple keystrokes? Appointments added via the Window-Eyes Outlook Calendar dialog are stored in the default Outlook calendar. You may, however, choose to move an appointment to any other calendar available in Outlook. To move a new appointment to a calendar other than the default (such as one connected to an Exchange server), do the following:

  1. In the Window-Eyes Outlook Calendar dialog (INS-C by default when Outlook is running), press ALT-N to bring up the New Appointment dialog.
  2. Enter all the necessary appointment information, such as subject, location, start and end times, etc.
  3. Press CTRL-S (or select the Save option in the appointment file menu) to save the Appointment. Do not close this appointment dialog. After pressing CTRL-S, the appointment will be saved to the default Calendar.
  4. To move the appointment to a different calendar, with the appointment dialog still open, press CTRL-SHIFT-V  (or select the Move to Folder option in the appointment file menu) to open the Move Item to dialog.
  5. Arrow up or down to select the alternative calendar where you want to store the new appointment.
  6. Press ENTER. Your new appointment will now be stored in the calendar that you selected, and the appointment dialog will close.
The keystrokes mentioned in the previous steps should work for all versions of Microsoft Outlook. Note that Microsoft Outlook Calendar support is only available in Window-Eyes 6.0 or greater.