GWKB1021 : Window-Eyes Hook Errors Under Windows 9X/Me

Product: Window-Eyes
Author: Aaron Smith
Date Added: 09/21/2005
Last Modified: 09/21/2005

Symptom: When you launch Window-Eyes 5.0, or earlier, under Windows 9X/Me, you may receive an error that says:

LoadCursor: Could not create hook.

Cause: An update to Windows 9X/Me from Microsoft caused the system files to change, which in turn, created this problem.

Solution: You'll need to download a copy of GDIUSER.DAT, and replace the existing one in your wineyes directory. This solution is only for those users running Windows 9X/Me. Select the link below to access the download page for the GDIUSER.DAT file. You'll want to download the GDIUSER.DAT file directly to your wineyes directory (saying, "yes" to the prompt to overwrite the existing file). Once the new file has replaced the existing file, restart Window-Eyes.

GDIUSER.DAT Download Page