GWKB1002 : Software Maintenance Agreement

Product: Window-Eyes
Author: Aaron Smith
Date Added: 09/20/2005
Last Modified: 03/01/2011

  1. What is an SMA?

    SMA stands for software maintenance agreement.

  2. How do I purchase the SMA?

    Please contact an authorized GW Micro reseller, dealer, or distributor, or call our office at 260-489-3671.

  3. What do I get for this?

    If you purchase the SMA, it entitles you to the next three paid upgrades of Window-Eyes and means that you will owe no more money to get the upgrade. It also includes the shipping charge.

  4. If I have the SMA will I get my upgrade sooner?

    Absolutely. The SMA owner upgrades will be the first to ship.

  5. What does the SMA cost?

    SMAs retail for $299.00.

  6. I have Window-Eyes 6.1. Can I use one of the SMA counts if I purchase the SMA to upgrade to 7.2?

    No. You must own the current version of Window-Eyes when you purchase the SMA. In other words, you first pay $175.00 plus shipping to upgrade from 6.1 to 7.2. The SMA goes into effect after that.

  7. What if the price of the upgrade is less than $100.00 in the future? Looks like I would lose money.

    That's true. Think of the SMA as an insurance policy. You are taking a risk that the upgrades will cost enough to equal the SMA price. However, GW Micro has made special arrangements for you. If you would rather pay for the upgrade and keep your SMA count then you may do that. This assures you that you are in control and can manage your money to best benefit you. This is a special offer made to you by GW Micro.

  8. What will future upgrades cost?

    Obviously, we do not know the answer to this. The more features we add to an upgrade the higher the price. However, historically upgrades from GW Micro have always been between free and $175.00. The free upgrades would not count against your SMA.

  9. Is the SMA available for those of us who have site or agency licenses?

    Absolutely. Just call our office at 260-489-3671 for pricing.

  10. What if I move? How will GW Micro know where to send my upgrade?

    We won't. It is up to you to keep us informed of any changes to your address, phone number, and e-mail address.

  11. What if I want to pay for the upgrade rather than use my SMA? How do I let you know?

    You must notify us of this before the product actually ships; otherwise, an SMA count will be used. If you notify us after the product has shipped, it is too late.