GWKB1001 : Set Files

Product: Window-Eyes
Author: Aaron Smith
Date Added: 09/20/2005
Last Modified: 03/01/2011

  1. What is a set file?

    A SET (short for settings) file is a place for Window-Eyes to store application specific data for retrieval at a later time.

  2. What kind of information is saved in a set file?

    Many things like voice settings (rate, pitch, tone, etc), keyboard settings, mouse settings, user windows, hyperactive windows, cursoring keys, and hot keys are all saved in set files.

  3. How are set files named?

    Set files for versions of Window-Eyes prior to 7.5 typically have a .000 extension. Set files for versions of Window-Eyes 7.5 and newer have a .set extension. The name of the set file usually matches the name of the program it is associated with. I.E. notepad.000 or notepad.set.

  4. Where are set files saved?

    Refer to GWKB1093: Location of Window-Eyes Program and User Files for this answer.

  5. I've already saved my speech settings for program X. Now how do I make a set file for program X?

    You already have. Although set files can get complicated, they don't have to start that way. When you save your speech settings into a file (such as something.000 or something.set), then you're creating a set file. Remember, set file simply means settings file.

  6. I don't know any programming. Can I still write sets?

    Yes. Creating a set file does not require any programming knowledge. In fact, the term "writing set file" is a little misleading as there is no coding, or compiling involved in creating a set file.

  7. My current program doesn't have any sets? Do I need to make some?

    That depends. Are you having a difficult time getting this program to work? If so, does changing any Window-Eyes parameters help this program speak better? If so, then saving those settings in a set file is probably a good idea. Otherwise, you'd have to make those changes every time you started this program. If you're not having any problems at all, then there's not really a need to create a set file.

  8. What's the difference between an active set file and associated set file?

    The active set file is just that: the set file that is currently loaded. The associated set file is the set file that Window-Eyes has been instructed to look for when the current program window opens. Of course, if Window-Eyes happens to have an association already formed for the program window, then when that window first opens, the names of the active set file and the associated set file would be the same, because the associated set file is the one Window-Eyes just loaded. If there was no association for the active window, Window-Eyes would stay with the set file for the parent window. It would keep looking upward, if necessary, until it got all the way back to the set file associated with the desktop (which is wineyes.000).