GWKB1000 : Screen Shots

Product: Window-Eyes
Author: Aaron Smith
Date Added: 09/19/2005
Last Modified: 03/01/2011

  1. ­What is a screen shot?

    A screen shot is like a photograph of the state of your system at any given time. Our support staff uses screen shots to see your screen without having to set up any remote assistance applications.

  2. How do I take a screen shot?

    It is important to remember that screen shots are just like photographs. You need to be in the right "pose" before taking the picture. In other words, if you are having problems in Microsoft Word, you'll need to make sure that Word is open when taking the screen shot.

    To perform the screen shot, do the following:

    1. Press the print screen button (typically located just to the left of scroll lock, and to the right of F12). This will copy a snapshot of your desktop to the clipboard, but nothing will speak.
    2. Open a new Word/WordPerfect/Wordpad document.
    3. Press CTRL-V to paste the copied image. This document will appear blank, but will contain an image.
    4. Save the document.
    5. Send it to as an attachment.
  3. I don't have Word or WordPerfect. Can I use Notepad?

    No. You can only paste screen shots into applications that support graphics. If you don't have Word or WordPerfect, use Wordpad. Alternatively, you can also use MSPaint.

  4. I pasted the screen shot, but there's nothing in the document! What's wrong?

    Nothing. In fact, that's perfectly normal. A screen shot is nothing more than a big graphic, which isn't going to speak. As long as you have followed the steps above, you shouldn't have any problems. You can verify that a screen shot exists by looking at the size of the document after you save it. If it is several MB, you have a screen shot.

  5. How do I attach files in my e-mail program?

    If you are using Eudora, follow these steps:

    1. While in a new message, press CTRL-H
    2. Type in the full path to the screen shot document
    3. Press ENTER

    If you are using Outlook or Outlook Express, follow these steps:

    1. While in a new message, press ALT-I for Insert
    2. Type A for File/File Attachment)
    3. Type in the full path to the screen shot document
    4. Press ENTER

    If you are using another e-mail program, please consult the appropriate documentation for attaching files.

  6. Can I restrict the print screen to just the active window?

    You sure can. Instead of pressing the print screen key by itself, use ALT-Print Screen. This will capture only the window that is active at the time.